How To Fix A Hole In Your Trampoline [Step By Step Guide]

A trampoline is a fun and exciting way to spend time with your kids, but it can also be hazardous. One of the most common problems people experience with their trampoline is when they have a hole in it.

This article will provide you with instructions on how to fix a hole in your trampoline without calling someone out for help.

Steps On How To Fix A Hole In Your Trampoline

Steps To Fix A Hole In Your Trampoline With Adhesive Patches

  • Purchase an adhesive patch kit and a new section of trampoline matting that is the same size as your hole. If you are unsure about what type to buy, consult with someone to find the right one for you.
  • Lay the new mat down on a flat surface and then peel off the adhesive backing from one of your patches, placing it over where you want to fix your hole.
  • Next, remove all dirt and debris from around that patch by using a brush or vacuum cleaner if necessary – this is important because any dust particles will stick to the patch and reduce its effectiveness.
  • Peel off the adhesive backing from another patch, placing it over your original hole.
  • Attach these patches firmly by using a heavy object or hammer (if you have one). This should help them stick better!
  • Repeat this process for as many patches as you need until all the holes have been fixed.
  • Continue to clean up any dirt or dust that has accumulated around the edges of your new patches by using a brush, vacuum cleaner, and so on.

Steps To Fix A Hole In Your Trampoline With Flex Tape

Step One: Remove the old cover from your trampoline. This can be done by pulling it up and over the springs, then cutting off any pieces still attached to your frame.

Step Two: Cut a hole in a piece of flex tape larger than the size of your hole. For reference, it should be at least ¼ of an inch wider than the hole you are trying to cover.

Step Three: Apply a coat of paint over the area where your old covering was ripped off, and let dry. This will help create a seal between the tape and the elastic band holding it in place.

Step Four: Place one side of the tape over the edge of your trampoline frame, and use a squeegee to stick it in place.

Step Five: Bring the other side of the tape around from underneath your trampoline, then press both sides together using your fingers or with a smooth metal object like a plier. Press until there are no more air bubbles under flex tape.

Step Six: Put the elastic band back over your frame to cover up the new tape. The flex tape should stretch and extend, so it shouldn’t rip or tear when you put pressure on it.

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Steps To Fix A Hole In Your Trampoline With Sewing Repair Kit

Step One: Make Sure The Hole Is Under Your Trampoline Mat

You will need to make sure the hole is under your trampoline mat for this process to work. If you can’t see where it is supposed to be, it cannot be repaired from underneath! You may have a product that has fallen through the mat, or you may have a hole in the actual netting that needs to be fixed.

Step Two: Cut The Thread Lining

You will need to cut two lines of thread on either side of your trampoline mat. You can do this with scissors, but it is best to use some cutting tool like an X-Acto knife. Cut through the thread, but not through the mat itself.

Step Three: Pull Thread Out

Grab a long piece of string and pull it out from under your trampoline mat on either side of where you made the cuts in Step Two. This will make room for your sewing kit! Make sure to tie the string in place so it does not fall back down through your mat.

Step Four: Sew The Holes

Now you will be able to fix the holes by attaching them together with a needle and thread! Make sure that you have threaded your needle before starting this process because if you drop it inside the trampoline, it will be challenging to get out again.

Then you can sew the two holes together and tie a knot at the end!

Step Five: Cut Thread

Cut your thread with scissors on either side of the string, securing them in place under your trampoline mat so they don’t keep popping back up. You have now finished the process of fixing your hole!

Hire A Professional

If you have a hole in your trampoline that is more than one foot wide, it would be best to hire a professional. This will ensure the safety of everyone because they can fix this problem quickly and efficiently without endangering anyone by doing it themselves.

They also know how to do so correctly while still maintaining the integrity of your trampoline. Professionals have a lot of experience with this type of work, and they know how to fix it correctly.

Fixing holes in trampolines is primarily a responsibility for professionals, but some people can do the job themselves if there’s only one hole. If you replace an old mat or patch up two small areas on the same mat, you can save money by doing it yourself!

Hiring an expert for trampoline repairs is the best way to go if your hole needs more than one foot in diameter. They have experience and are trained to do this type of job correctly so that no accidents or injuries occur while working on your trampoline.

Tips To Avoid Trampoline Mat Holes

  • Make sure that your trampoline is level before filling in any holes. This will make filling the hole with a new mat easier and keep them from popping back up over time.
  • Never use objects other than rubber or plastic to seal the hole like duct tape, concrete, spray foam insulation, etc. These can cause the mat to disintegrate and create a giant hole.
  • Check your trampoline on occasion for any signs of wear or tears in the mat. If you notice that there is an issue with it, address it before problems start occurring!
  • Don’t jump up towards the springs – this will weaken them over time and make them more likely to snap.
  • The trampoline should only be used for recreational purposes and not for any exercise.
  • Tie the mat back down when you’re finished with it so that it doesn’t blow around in the yard or garden, causing holes from stones or bugs!
  • If you have little ones playing on the trampoline, make sure that you supervise them at all times.

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