Best Trampolines For Gymnastics In 2022 [Tested By Gymnasts]

Gymnasts are always looking for ways to improve their skills and increase their athleticism. It’s important that every athlete has access to all the proper equipment necessary to train effectively.

Gymnastics requires an enormous amount of strength, agility, and hand-eye coordination. So it’s essential that athletes have a high-quality trampoline on which they can practice routines or work on new skills.

Our buyer’s guide will help you find the perfect trampoline so that your gymnast can continue to grow in their sport! We will discuss what makes a great trampoline for gymnastics, as well as some of my personal favorites.

If you’re looking to purchase the best trampolines for gymnastics for your own home or if you’re browsing online and need help picking out the best one, then you’ve landed on the right page!

We will help you answer the question, “what’re the best trampolines for gymnastics?” It will go over several factors, including size, safety features, and ground clearance, to help you make a decision that fits your needs and preferences.

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Best Trampolines For Gymnastics In 2022 — In-Depth Reviews

1. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline Reviewed By Trampoline Addict

To better understand the product for this skywalker trampoline, you have to know the best features in a quick span. Here, our experts have done that for you. When you know the features, we will gradually talk about the benefits.

The Skywalker trampoline includes a 15′ rectangular trampoline jump-n-dunk with enclosures, a basketball hoop, and foam padding. This one has 15′ x 9′ x 9′ dimensions that give enough space for bouncing.

Ground framework height is 37.4, the surface of the jump is 92 ft2, and the weight limit is 250-300 lbs. This trampoline uses two different springs (80-7″ & 4-5.5″) to ensure maximum safety.

Fabricated with soft, safe playing material with a break-out belt to minimize damage to the locking net and poles. The patented box eliminates spacing between the box net and the jumping surface, protecting children from pinching points.

All of the products are tested to meet or exceed ASTM standards for safety and durability. If you are an athlete and need to find a suitable one for your practice, you should not give it a second thought before going for this skywalker trampoline.

You can showcase your gymnastics skills with 14′ rectangle jump N’ dark enclosure skywalker trampolines, and because of their outstanding bounce, these rectangular trampolines are different from other forms.

The sources operate autonomously to allow controlled departures and arrivals on the jumping tables from any point, making this an ideal choice for aspiring athletes.

The added accessory of a basketball hoop allows jumpers to become the star of the court while jumping, shooting, and dunking toward winning.

This trampoline is patented, the frame is made of galvanized steel, weather-resistant, and the basketball hoop is made of soft material to protect jumpers when they are jumping.

The trampoline is a patented and non-lacquer boundary box system. Make this 14′ rectangle jump n’ dunk to have fun in your backyard. The spring is made up of metal which makes it extremely safe to use for all.

You never have to think about falling off during the jumping session when you go for the same. Most of the buyers say that some screws are built in such a way that they never guest twisted, and we can rely on it for sure.


  • Galvanized steel is used to protect young athletes from falling down.
  • Rectangular trampolines with standard size so that you get enough area to jump.
  • No issue with the installation and fixing process.
  • The trampoline is weather-resistant too which allows you to place the trampoline in your yard too.


  • No information about the warranty is provided.
  • It can be a bit difficult for novice athletes.

2. Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline By HappyTrampoline

Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline By HappyTrampoline Reviewed By Trampoline Addict

Happy trampolines take account of end users’ requirements. This trampoline set has rust-resistant galvanized steel, with safety as a top priority and an integrated design to ensure additional stability.

Don’t buy a trampoline that will only last 1-2 years, with a framework. Purchase a robust trampoline that lasts a lifetime! The limit capacity of this trampoline is 550 lbs due to the thickness of the frames, while the weight limit of the competitors is only 250 lbs.

Since 1996 company happy trampoline has made high-end trampolines. They are in southern California and are proud to sell American products as family-owned and operated.

Their products have undergone a strict quality control system and, including ASTM and TUV, have met or exceeded all existing safety requirements. You will not find any information below on any competing brand on the trampoline.

Here are a few reasons why this one is the industry’s best trampoline. These features will compel you to choose this product over any other trampoline. Frame and springs lifetime guarantee is provided with the product.

Galvanized inside out with 550 lbs jumping weight capacity and steel tube 3.0 mm is the best part of this trampoline that you need to consider thickest in industry, commercial-grade, and 92-156 springs are used to ensure safety.

The highest spring counts in the market give the jumpers the most bouncing backyard trampoline and offer the softest landing. The count spring varies in size, but you can choose according to your suitable needs. Longer than most competing outdoor trampolines with 9″ long tapered springs!

Safe for beginners and elite jumpers looking for a gym while flipping and motorcycling. Non-abrasive material, US-fabricated, A-grade mat extra spring pad, high-quality cover made in the U.S., the enclosure net, and ladder made this trampoline one of the best compared to others.

You can also get this product for yourself or your kids to exercise every morning and increase their muscle stamina and stability. All jumpers will be able to balance their bodies well when you allow them to use this happy trampoline.

The price is quite reasonable, and it will never add to your financial worry. After checking the product feature, go for it without any doubt.


  • Standard size with thicket soft padding.
  • No risk of falling off due to strong metal manufacturing.
  • Net enclosure and ladder give extreme durability to the product.
  • Budget-friendly and stable to use for kids too.


  • No lifetime warranty is provided.
  • Installation can be a bit tricky.

3. Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set

Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline Set Reviewed By Trampoline Addict

This is also the best fit for the kids and gymnasts if you want to make them experienced from their growing age. The upper bounce rectangular safety pad trampoline can be used in any backyard/outdoor environment. It can accommodate up to 500 lbs of weight time with its high-quality PP mesh jumping mat and strong, firm structure.

It is 100% safe to use because this rectangular trampoline is made of ASTM standard main steel frame with spring cover padding. The most crucial usability parameter for the safety of gymnasts, kids, and adults is this certified trampoline.

The assembly process is the simple one. This outdoor trampoline takes about half an hour and a couple of hands. This safety padding of the trampoline comes with easy-to-understand mounting instructions manual for convenient mounting.

Longevity and durability are other impeccable features of this trampoline. This rectangle trampoline is made of materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion. It can withstand all outdoor weather conditions.

It cannot break up or bend due to the heavy gauged steel structure. In addition, this trampoline comes with a galvanized steel frame, trampoline furnaces, jump mat polypropylene trampoline, pole spray sleeves, pole caps, safety box net, enclosure poles, legs, safety pad, a spring sweater, and a warranty card.

The rectangular trampoline of ‘upper bounce’ is one of a kind. Offer your family fun and safe fun in the comfort of your own backyard. This trampoline allows you to reach the sky for maximum fitness and fun! Superb colors are to add to your backyard spunk and life!

The rectangular trampolines are known for their massive bounce because they work independently, which gives you the highest lift and allows jumpers to control their height and landing.

There is no need for complicated hardware because the easy assembly and dissembling feature makes it unique. This is easy to set up and can easily be removed to be stored during severe winter weather.

The heavy-duty black-coated steel is constructed for additional durability. It includes sold sockets on the trampoline frame that hold the top end poles so that the frame cannot twist and the connection between poles and the frame can be strengthened.

Ultra bounce, high duty, galvanized springs are used for bursting strength and maximum bouncing. A high-quality jumping mat made of premium PP mesh material has 8 range seams which provide additional safety, preventing the mat from tearing and ensuring it will continue to be fun for years to come!


  • High-standard galvanized steel is used in manufacturing.
  • Ensures 100% safety.
  • Additional durability ensures with an undercoating of steel.
  • Can hold up to 500 lbs.


  • Installation is difficult.
  • No information on the lifetime warranty.

4. YAKEY Recreational Trampolines

YAKEY Recreational Trampolines Reviewed By Trampoline Addict

Safety is their first priority, and the entire trampoline safety enclosure is designed to protect trampoline users during rebounding. A trampoline box must have a trampoline accessory that prevents the person from getting hurt and also prevents them from falling off the mat, and YAKEY provides it all.

12 ft of green basketball hoop trampoline with a strengthened steel alloy frame, 4pcs 38 to 1.2mm galvanized “U” shape Legs, 72pcs galvanized springs, and jumping material PP mat is the ultimate choice for you if you are a gymnast.

It comes with galvanized “U” legs, 72 sts galvanized jumping mats, the PP jumping material, and the envelope with a capacity for jumping and rebounding provides a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, durable, safe, and 100 percent human-friendly.

Trampolines with an enclosure of 4 sts per person are the best thing for you. This is a good choice for adults as well as professional gymnasts’ trampolines. A safe can provide fall protection, and shock absorption and can lead to a more structured play.

This helps you and your kids play a more difficult sport, such as basketball when they bounce on a trampoline. To perform the adult exercises on the trampoline EPE safety padding, 14mm thick, also helps to prevent injuries associated with hospital conditions.

Trampolines passing various safety tests are to be considered a consumer trampoline only in accordance with certified standards of CE, EN71 certification; your trampolines have been passed to make you choose it without any second thought.

It’s great for the workout and recreation. Enjoy the vernal sunshine and the fresh air rather than watching TV or playing computer games! Excellent for the next “family fun time.”

This trampoline from YAKEY can provide strong elasticity with durable and enhanced galvanized springs. T-connectors can securely and stably connect each top rail and provide a solid base for the whole trampoline.

Just have fun with your friends on your trampoline. YAKEY Trampolines were tested and safety certified for jumping in the laboratory. With your security in mind, each product is produced and tested.

The trampolines are tested to comply with ASTM, TUV-GS, CE, and EN71 standards for safety and durability. YAKEY trampolines and products are manufactured and tested to ensure your safety.


  • Security and safety are ensured with galvanized steel.
  • En71 Certification to provide 100% safety.
  • Good for both kids and adults.
  • The jumping mat is padded with soft pads and nylon ropes.
  • No twisting metal spring.


  • The assembling method is a bit time taking.
  • It cannot be placed indoors.

5. CalmMax Jump Recreational Trampolines

CalmMax Jump Recreational Trampolines Reviewed By Trampoline Addict

The philosophy of CalmMax is that trampolines should be safer. ASTM F381-16 components, assemblies, use, and labeling of consumer trampolines are compliant with the standards for the safety of CalmMax trampolines.

CalmMax safety equipment is one of your family’s best companions on the market. A robust enclosure for safety and security is at the heart of everything the company does.

CalmMax has built an ultraviolet, fade-resistant, and tear-resistant 6FT high and 360-grade net safety case to ensure safety and quality in backyard play. All the fun of a CalmMax trampoline is about trust in the product.

The science of big bounce is the key to this product. The Polypropylene bounce surface produced with the EU standard offers an unparalleled rebounding force and is tested on 20,000 jumps on a 12ft trampoline.

Mats can hold up to 400lbs and are tested for up to 5,000 hours. Constructed with minute durability, this trampoline for gymnasts is the excellent one to satisfy their needs.

The heavy-duty steel frame trampoline components undergo a rust and durability three-layer process. In and out of all metal trampoline components, a hard zinc coating is applied.

Visible sections are finished with a UV-resistant coating that protects your trampoline for a longer life against the sun and premature material fading. The heavy galvanized springs offer superior resistance to rust.

CalmMax stability trampolines have everything you would need in order to protect your child and yourself from injury. In addition, all the springs are coated with a thick and durable PE+PVC foam pad.

The 4 U-shaped big legs for better stability and safety with 8 balance points. The company stands proudly behind the product and guarantees every component of the trampoline in the most comprehensive way.

Your CalmMax trampoline is built for life and endurance with second-to-none engineering, premium materials, and exceptional quality control and testing. The bounce surface offers unmatched rebounding force.

The material is of high quality with a UV-proof safety enclosure. It will protect the trampoline from premature fading due to harmful sun rays.

The company uses high tensile steel with separate T joint assembly, and it has 72 pcs of bold, strong spring to ensure 100% safety. ASTM safety certified product which is manufactured to provide a prolonged performance of the trampoline.


  • The best product to ensure safety for your kids and athletes.
  • ASTM safety certification is provided.
  • Strong metal spring and galvanized steel frame.
  • UV-protected technology.


  • Installation is time-taking and tricky.
  • There is no information regarding the warranty.

Final Verdict

The best trampolines for gymnastics is a personal question that needs to be answered by the individual. There are many factors involved with choosing the right trampoline, from your budget and how much room you have available outside of your house to what type of athlete you are (are you just starting out, or do you want one made specifically for competitive athletes) and even where in the world it will live.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of 5 great options for gymnastics from which to choose as well as some helpful information about what makes them so good and how they compare with each other.

Whether you’re looking for something affordable or high-end, these are all sure to provide hours upon hours of fun! Have any questions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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