About Us

Every parent and enthusiast is looking for brilliant products for their kids and themselves to make their trampoline experience more safer and enjoyable.

Our website’s only goal is to make the trampoline buying process easier, safer, and more enjoyable for everyone through skill-based tutorials, detailed guides, and in-depth reviews.

Trampoline Addict is the leading trampoline reviews website. Trampolining has been a popular recreational activity for decades, but many people are hesitant to invest because they don’t know what to look for in a safe and durable model.

That’s why we created this website – to help you find the perfect trampoline that suits your needs and budget. We have detailed guides on how to choose the right size, accessories, safety features, and more!

Our reviews cover everything from safety features to bounce quality so you can buy with peace of mind. If you’re not sure about buying a new trampoline just yet or if you want even more information on these amazing products then feel free to contact us or read our how-to category.

After all, putting in a decent amount of time and having an arsenal of passion will always get you to find the exceptional quality of products that offer a successful outcome.

We the squad of passionate & professional trampolinists is eager about premium trampolines that are capable of performing in outstanding ways.

At TrampolineAddict.com, we are a small team of trampoline-savvy, hardcore jumpers with vast gathered experience in all kinds of environments. We aim to support the buyers, helping them to constantly make the right choice for buying trampolines.

We understand whether it is jumping mat, frame pad, spring, steel tube, frame pad elastics, bungee t-anchor, u-bolts, etc take full advantage of our expert reviews and recommendations.

Every trampoline buyer is often left helpless or hold up experience, eventually wasting their valuable time, money, and energy on pointless products that should not be out there in the first place.

It’s the trampoline addict’s job to promote what offers promising satisfaction and outcomes to our readers.

Team Behind TrampolineAddict

Jeffery Ryan — Founder & Content Manager

The founder of trampolineaddict.com grew up as a passionate gymnast, with a piece of incredible knowledge about trampolines for kids, adults & seniors. The man has always had an enormous passion for these bouncy creations in his backyard since childhood.

Jeffery Rayan spent years investing in and using some of the world-class grade trampolines. He has been suggesting people with the right equipment have a great jumping experience for years.

He knows that what works at one place might not work where you are, and is always willing to help find out which product will be perfect for your needs!

Jeffery enjoys helping his customers figure out how they can jump extraordinarily by using tools and knowledge from all over the world.

Dayton Mcfarland – Co-Founder & Content Custodian

Dayton Mcfarland never believed in giving up. For over 10 years, he’s devoted his time to the sport of jumping and it has paid off tremendously for him with two medals.

He has used quite a lot in his own trampoline jumping experience, which adds him in the perfect position to guide others and give his own accurate knowledge about trampolines.

He keeps testing and researching new innovative ideas and techniques on trampolines in his own backyard. On weekends he can be found fishing and greeting different trampoline jumpers and attending conferences on the latest and well-known trampolines.